Average Cost of a Utah Wedding!

On average, couples that live in Davis, UT (County) spend between $18,695 and $31,158 on their wedding. You should expect to pay, on average, 50% to 100%+ more when choosing well-experienced professionals, designer labels, popular event locations, unique or custom products and services. The amount you pay may also be affected by the number of guests you invite.

The average wedding cost is based on number of guests estimated between 128 and 148. A single guest could add between $163 and $199 to the overall cost of your wedding. The best way to save money on your wedding is to control the number of guest.


Average Wedding Cost in Davis, UT (County) is based on the spending of other couples getting married not wedding vendor prices. Spending and prices can vary widely. Investigate all options and choose products and services that best meet your needs.

  • Dress accessories includes; Tiara, Combs, Hair Pins, Garter, Shoes, Jewelry (not the engagement ring or wedding bands), ect.
  • Tuxedo/suit/other accessories includes; Cuff links, Cummerbund, Tie, Pocket Square, Shoes, Jewelry (not the engagement ring or wedding bands), etc.
  • Ceremony accessories includes; Aisle Runner, Ring Pillow or Box, Unity Candle, etc. not flowers or decorations
  • Ceremony Officiator includes; JP, Officiant, Ordained Friend or Family, Pastor, Minister, Priest, etc.
  • Other transportation includes; Shuttles, Antique Car, Horse & Carriage, etc.
  • Reception accessories includes; Toasting Flutes, Cake Topper, Serving Set, etc. not flowers or decorations
  • Reception rentals includes; Lighting, Tent, Tables, Chairs, Photo Booth, etc.

Information provided by www.costofwedding.com

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