Tips When Looking for a Photo Booth

The popular trend of having a photo booth at weddings isn’t going anywhere just yet. They offer a great way for both the happy couple and the guests to have fun and commemorate the occasion. If you’re thinking of adding a photo booth to your big day, we have some tips to help you choose the right one. To learn more, we turned to local photo booth rental company, CTM Photo Booths “The demand for photo booths at weddings has been growing,” they say. “Photo booths offer soon-to-be-wed couples a 3-in-1 solution for photography, entertainment and party favors, and it’s just as much fun for children and seniors as it is for young adults. “There are many different types of photo booths now available for couples to choose from so she shares her top three tips for picking the best one for your nuptial needs

Get a visual

Many photo booth rental companies don’t post pictures of their booths on their websites. Before renting one based only on price, request to see the photo booth in person and test it out before making any commitments, CTM advises. If you’re not able to see the booth in person, then request multiple images, as well as the booth’s dimensions. “Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes. A visual not only allows you to see if the booth matches your wedding’s aesthetic, but also lets you see if the booth’s size is ideal for your event space,” Capture the Moment Photo Booths for example, has curved walls, while other booths may have a boxier shape or be completely open with just a backdrop. Some booths are a solid color while others have text and graphic design.

Consider your guest list

Before deciding on a photo booth for your event, think about who will be at your wedding. Is your crowd younger or older? Will they know how to operate a photo booth? Will small children be tall enough to be photographed? Capture the Moment suggests asking your photo booth rental company what the start to finish process will be for guests using the photo booth. “Testing the booth prior to the event before booking is highly recommended so that you can experience it for yourself,” they say. “A photo booth is no fun if no one knows how to use it.”

Add a personal touch

Many photo booths will let you personalize your photo strips. Ask to see the designs that they currently have available and what changes can be made to them, CTM advises. “Your guests will most likely hang on to their photo strips for a long time, so make sure that your prints look the way you want your big day to be remembered”. They also suggests finding out if your rental package includes props, and if so, whether they can be coordinated with your event. If not, ask your rental company if they would be willing to buy some. Lastly, if your rental only offers a black curtain, ask if you can provide your own background. “This way your photo booth will look and feel more a part of your wedding. Every bride loves her wedding colors.”

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